Boxcar Lullabies

Trains pass along their journey to I don't know where
It's dark outside your window but I know they're there
Old scars run through the city crosstie stitches roar
And while you were asleep came knocking at your door

We left our jars of water sitting on the sill
They rattle through the night just as the railroad will
I feel it through the mattress pulling at my bones
Springs bend but dead wood doesn't and I've wondered

When this house comes down are we still in it
With the notes that you'd tacked on the walls
And when my courage fails would you forgive it
And lend me the pieces that you had collected for yours

The colours of your scenery light then burn then fade
But lined around the edge the pattern never strayed
And I had walked the street and stood the corner, never heard them cry
But now pounding in my chest the cadence of our boxcar lullabies

When the house went down we were still in it
With the notes that you'd tacked on the walls
And when my courage failed you couldn't forgive it
And lend me the pieces that you had collected for yours


I threw out my prayers they went flying like balloons
And got caught on gothic ceilings the most ornate in the world
What a sight, what a privilege to feel those heights
But my prayers stayed up there spinning...

So I packed my bags and went looking for wide spaces
All along there were new faces, every corner always more
There was one, he was bright, and he was always right
He said ‘travel without purpose is a bore’

Tivoli, Tivoli, You put banners in my sky
Quietly, while I wasn’t looking
I don’t know how I could repay you for your colours and your light
And the pretty way they shine, Tivoli

The air whipped our hair, we went shooting down the valley
Knuckles gripped upon the handles, shivers rushing down my spine
What’s sublime always comes at the most frightening time
To make sure you won’t forget

Every train that left meant a city overturned
Meant cardboard beds and rowdy check-ins
People feeding on their vice
Counting breaths, counting seconds in the dark of night
Thinking ‘God I guess the highs come at a price’

There's nothing like old friends in brand new scenery
Drawing patterns your know well
Ringing bold familiar bells
No we haven’t come so far
I’ll walk you right back to the start
Come back Tivoli

I caught my breath in a chapel on a hill
It was small but it was open and it didn’t have a name
There my mother was begging me to try again
There are songs that are worth singing
There are dreams that are worth stringing on the...

Back of our bike racks, along with all the knick knacks
Generous strangers thought might help us to the sea
But don’t you see sometimes you gotta let go
And ride even though you don’t know if the journey was worth fighting for
Without wrong turns there’d be no Tivoli 

And your presence through the night to remind me that I’m fine
To remind me that I’m fine

Growing Song

I've been growing every day
Ate my greens just like they say
They took all my toys away
I've been learning to get around

I've gone walking through the night
They called me names, I thought they might
I took the street I thought was right
I've been learning to get around

Going ahead, walking a mile
I gotta go, stayed for a while
My feet are worn, my hands untied
You wanna be close, come for the ride

I've taught my spine to stand up straight
Let my shoulders bear more weight
Let my womb decide it's fate
I've been learning to stand my ground
I've been learning to get around

I've been growing every day
Ate my greens just like they say
But I remember how to play still
I've been learning to get around

The Water

The water, it lied between us it danced between us
You told your sister who I was
And I swear I crossed her on my way to tell you
Between the lines, I didn't have it in me
To spill the heart of another
I was such a lousy lover, you told me loud and clear

My dear you were always there
No you had never gone away
My darling you're always there
But you were never here to stay

Met again on Hallowe'en, you told me all the things you'd seen
Door to door we showed anonymous faces
What we knew too well to actually say it
So beat around the prickly bush with nails to pull and dials to push
And love to make and loads of mush
And vows to break and loads of bullshit, well I believed them

For all the love we spoiled with fear
For all the sheets we soiled this year
You said never split the difference no matter what
No matter who was breaking
So bring the wine, I'll meet you in the kitchen
You can pull my hair back, I'll cut the onions
Baby pull my hair back, they'll take the blame for all my tears


La tombée est fraiche
Elle danse dans le vent
Et même les anges se perdent dans le blanc